Absorber Dyes


Our absorber dyes are widely used as the functional selective wavelength absorbing component in plastic optical filters. Many filters may be manufactured by injection molding, or by dissolving the dyes into a resin, ink, or adhesive followed by casting into thin films, or by other techniques.

For the injection molding customers, we offer multiple grades of powders with controlled particle sizes beyond the as-manufactured dyes, which are uniform coarse powders intended for solution phase processing.

These finer forms of our dyes, in order of decreasing particle size:

  • F = fine grade,
  • MG = molding grade,
  • MG14 = a yet finer molding grade,
  • MGSD = an exceptionally fine powder.

All grades are chemically identical to the original dye.

Standard Grade

MG Grade

MGSD Grade

These increasingly finely powdered dyes dissolve more quickly into resins during extrusion and molding, leading to more uniformly dyed parts, especially when molding at low temperatures with high flow resins. In addition to the as-manufactured coarse materials, we stock the most used versions (F, MG, MG14, and MGSD) of many dyes.

List of generally stocked molding grade dyes. Others may be available for special order.

  1. Code04070-MG
    ABS 407-MG
  2. Code04731-MG
    ABS 473-MG
  3. Code04901-M
    ABS 490-MG
  4. Code05101-MG
    ABS 510-MG
  5. Code05260-MG
    ABS 526N-MG
  6. Code05741-MG
    ABS 574-MG14
  7. Code05840-MG
    ABS 584-MG
  8. Code05941-MG
    ABS 594-MG
  9. Code06241-MG
    ABS 624-MG
  10. Code06260-MG
    ABS 626-MG
  11. Code06471-MG
    ABS 647-MG
  12. Code06580-MG
    ABS 658-MG
  13. Code06590-MG
    ABS 659-MG
  14. Code06590-MGSD
    ABS 659-MGSD
  15. Code06770-MG
    IRA 677-MG
  16. CodeA693NF
    IRA 693NF
  17. CodeA693NF-MG
    IRA 693NF-MG
  18. Code07350-MG
    IRA 735-MG
  19. Code08020-MG
    IRA 800-MG
  20. Code08280-MG
    IRA 828-MG
  21. Code08660-MG
    IRA 866-MG
  22. Code08680-MG
    IRA 868-MG
  23. Code09120-MG
    IRA 912-MG
  24. Code09310-MG
    IRA 931-MG
  25. Code22143-MG
    IRA 980BT-MG
  26. Code22145-MG
    IRA 980T-MG
  27. Code7000
    LD 700 Perchlorate
  28. CodeNP800

Please contact us for suggestions on which form of dye is likely best for your processes and specialty products.